Stars to Starfish Jr Full Dome Planetarium Show Is In Development



Stars to Starfish Jr. is a full dome immersive planetarium show for Pre-K through Second Grade. It is based on the original program created for the Riverview High School Planetarium and Aquaculture Lab in Sarasota, Florida. 

The show compares and contrasts the exploration of outer space and our Earth’s oceans. The concepts address key curriculum standards for early elementary students, such as forces and motion, conservation of energy and energy transfer, weather and climate, natural resources, the Earth and Solar System, interdependent relationships in ecosystems, biodiversity and humans and more. They show is being developed under the guidance and supervision of professional educators. Read our blog posts for more information and to follow the development progress. If you wish to subscribe to notifications as new posts are added click on the rss link in the header, or click here.

The show centers around two main characters. Starry the Starfish sees a strange “fish” swimming by and he wants to know more about it. He seeks out Red the Lobster and she tells him that the strange “fish” he saw is actually a human. The program then begins to unpack topics from the Solar System and outer space, to the diversity of life on planet Earth. 

Starry also learns about being a good steward of the resources that we find on our home. The show will be 20- 25 minutes in length and will be formatted in a full dome format. Eventually the goal is to re-format the program into a standard flat screen version and also adapted for VR (virtual reality) viewers and players. 



Starry the Starfish
Animated Character

Red the Lobster
Animated Character


Dome Preview Screenshot Diver
Dome Preview Screenshot Red
Dome Preview Screenshot Starry
Dome Preview Screenshot Dinos
Dome Preview Screenshot Life
Dome Preview Screenshot Earth


It is our vision that our shows and content enrich the education experience of our children. The planetarium is a unique way to help present curriculum in an exciting way that helps children begin to dream big and develop lifelong passions for learning and creativity. As the projection systems are becoming more affordable and with the advent of new, high quality portable domes that are being used in schools around the US, quality 

educational and curriculum-based content is desperately needed. However, funding and resources in our schools are falling behind and many institutions are having a difficult time finding affordable shows and content.

We need you! We are looking for those who would partner with us as a sponsor to help defray the cost of 

production, thus reducing the price of show titles and content. This will allow more schools, colleges and museums to have access to exciting and inspiring programs. Producing educational content in this medium is an expensive venture. Not only is it time-consuming, but it requires high-power computing, specialized software and countless terabytes of hard drive space. Your help may inspire the next Neil Armstrong, or Sally Ride!